Uploading Images

Uploading your photos to Shopthisfeed is incredibly easy. To give you the most control possible over your feed, there are four different ways to import your photos. Just head to the Feed section of your dashboard and you will see the options to ‘Upload from My Instagram’, ‘Load from Another Account’, ‘Load by Hashtag’ and ‘Upload from PC’. Each one has its own benefits, but you are not restricted to just one upload type; you can use a mixture to ensure the best possible results.

Load from My Instagram

This is the most popular and the easiest option. Here, Shopthisfeed fetches all of the photos from your Instagram account and displays them in order in your dashboard. This is a simple way to make your feed exactly replicate the one on Instagram, ensuring a seamless transition for users.

There is no need to do anything more once you have successfully uploaded your pictures, you are ready to start adding tags. However, you can also add additional pictures from a different source as well.

Load from Another Account

Loading from another account comes in handy if you have multiple Instagram profiles, but want to use a single Shopthisfeed account link to bring them all together. Here you can combine the pictures from multiple Instagram accounts into one feed. These don’t need to be profiles run by you, the only requirement is that they are public accounts

To upload from another account, simply press the button and enter the name of the profile from which you want to use the pictures. This won’t work if that profile is set to private. Once the pictures are uploaded, you can pick the one you want to tag and add the links. The image appears in your feed in the correct order, based on the date it was uploaded to Instagram.

If you want to upload multiple images from another account, all you have to do is repeat the same process. It is not currently possible to upload all of the images from another account in one go.

Load by Hashtag

Loading by hashtag allows you to tag your products, as well as similar products from the hashtag you are trying to target. To do this, enter the hashtag (with or without the # symbol) and all the images using that term appear. Select the one you want to tag and add the links.

This image appears on your feed in date order. To upload multiple images from the same hashtag, simply repeat the process.

Uploading from your PC is the most versatile option, as it allows you to use any of your images, even if they are not yet on Instagram. Another benefit is that you can upload and set the tags of an image that you are about to upload to Instagram. This is important for extremely popular accounts, as you don’t want to miss out on potential sales to followers who have clicked your link before you have managed to set up the image on your Shopthisfeed account.

By uploading to Shopthisfeed first, you are ensuring the product links are there and ready from the second the picture is uploaded to Instagram.

To upload from your PC, all you have to do is tap the button and find the image you want to upload. Give the upload a little time, especially for large images, and once it has uploaded you can tag the picture just like any other on Shopthisfeed.

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