The plans explained

There are four different Shopthisfeed plans to choose from, allowing you to pick the plan that suits you and your needs best. They range from a free and stripped-back package, all the way up to the fully loaded Elite plan.


Price: Free

This is our most basic package. It gives you access to the Shopthisfeed interface, and allows you to create your feed. There is no limit to the amount of images you can upload, or the amount of links you can create. You also can access the multi-item tagging feature. However, to be able to upload images from your PC, you must upgrade. Your feed on the free plan will contain adverts. There is one at the top of your feed, and some on the feed itself, but you can get rid of these by upgrading to any of our paid plans.


Price: $9.99 / Month

Lite gives you access to create your own feed, and upload as many images and links as you want. Among the main advantages to the Lite plan are that there are no adverts and you are able to collect the email addresses of followers. In addition, you can select a theme, picking from a host of colours to add even more excitement to your feed. You also have the ability to upload images straight from your PC, meaning you can get a jump start on your Instagram uploads and make sure there is no lag between you uploading on Instagram, and your customers being able to access your link.


Price: $49.00 / month

The Pro package comes with all the same great features as the Lite plan, but adds in some powerful new tools. You are able to re-order your posts to keep your most popular pictures or links at the top of your feed for customers to see as soon as they land on your page. You can allow users to upload their own content to your page, and then add your own links to that content. You also have access to different email collection options. With the Pro package, you also get access to our analytics tools, allowing you to see how many people are visiting your feed and when they are active, which images they are engaging with and which links they are clicking the most.


Price: $99 / month

Elite is the most comprehensive package Shopthisfeed offers, giving you access to all of our features. With Elite you get all of the benefits of Pro, as well as point of sale galleries and feature requests.

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