Mutiple Accounts

There is a chance you can lock yourself out of your Instagram account if you have multiple accounts using the same email address. Please read carefully and take note of warnings.

If you have created a second Instagram account using your existing log in you will not be able to access this second account in Shopthisfeed without creating a separate login for your secondary account. The process for doing this is shown below. Please take note of the warnings - Shopthisfeed is not liable for changes you make to your Instagram account following this information.

Create a password for your secondary account

Instagram now allows you to create a secondary account from your first and does not require you to create a separate log in. In order to be able to set up Shopthisfeed for your secondary account you need to create a separate log in. The process is as follows:

  1. Log out of Instagram
  2. Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the Instagram Log In page
    Trying to reset your password via the account settings will not work here.
  3. Enter the username of your secondary account
  4. You should received a reset password link from Instagram
  5. Click on the link and reset your password for this account
  6. Set a new password for this account (the username you entered when requesting the link)
  7. Warning: Both accounts will be using the same email address and telephone number. If you ever need to recover your account from Instagram you will only be able to recover the primary account.
    It is therefore highly recommended that you set a different email address for this account (and if possible a different mobile number)

Log in to Instagram

You can now log in to Instagram using the account details for the secondary account.

Note that you may find you cannot switch between accounts in the app, you need to add this account back in to your primary account

Log in to Shopthisfeed

Shopthisfeed will pick up the account you are using on Instagram allowing you to use your secondary account.

Note that you will have a separate account on Shopthisfeed for each of your accounts.

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