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Once you have set up your product links, and signed up to any affiliate programs you might want then it is time to start optimising how you earn money. You can obviously earn more link clicks and more sales by increasing the volume of people going to your profile. However, bringing in those customers, and then converting them into sales can be tricky. Here are a couple of tips to help refine your money making techniques.

1. Creating product driven content on Instagram

Having a well-balanced Instagram feed is important to maintaining follower count, and engagement rates. So, you want to make sure that your Instagram profile is a careful balance between engaging content, and product focused images. This can vary widely with your style of posting and the demographic of your followers. However refining your strategy with a mixture between our analytics section, and the insights within Instagram is key to getting the most out of every picture

2. Using analytics to know what customers are looking for

When a customer clicks on your ShopThisFeed link, they may not be looking for just the most recent image you have posted. In fact a lot of customers will come in and follow the product link in just a few of your most popular images. Knowing which images are your best performing in terms of link clicks is crucial. If you can utilise this information then you will be able to make more images like it, and also have a better understanding of what exactly it is your customers respond to, and are willing to pay for.

For more information on how best to use the analytics features, click here

3. Rearranging your images

Once you have established your feed you will soon see which images are doing well, and which don’t convert as well. Images not doing as well compared to others is nothing to be scared of, it’s the nature of your feed. What you should do here is embrace those high performance images and consider using the layout altering tool to bring your best images to the front of your feed. You can access the layout option by clicking “Preview feed” and then changing from “View Mode” to “Layout Mode”. However this is a feature only available on Pro and Elite plans.

Layout Mode Screenshot

4. Consider only using product images on ShopThisFeed

Your Instagram feed is likely a range of different kinds of images, and often you will feature the same product a lot. Instead of adding that same link for every image it appears in, consider having those products as their own image on your ShopThisFeed page. Remember you can upload images from your computer as well as Instagram. This means that you can highlight individual products that feature heavily on your Instagram feed as opposed to having it mirror your Instagram feed exactly. This can be a great way of sending customers straight to the product they want as opposed to having a mirror image of your feed.

5. Make sure your ShopThisFeed page looks professional

Having a good looking feed is key to grabbing the attention of customers and establishing yourself as somewhere they want to spend their money. Make sure that your feed is up to date, and has an attractive header image and logo. A profile which is missing a logo, or hasn’t been updated in a couple of posts is going to look bad to a prospective customer, so make sure you are on top of your housekeeping. Don’t forget you can change the theme colour on the “Settings” page.

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