How to Make Money with Shopthisfeed

Earning cash from your Instagram account has always been a difficult proposition, but now you’re here and that’s half the battle. Find out how to make money with Shopthisfeed and how to ensure your page earns as much as possible.

There are lots of different ways to earn money from your pictures and your feed. However, for most users it realistically boils down to either linking to your website or linking to other people’s websites. Here’s how that works with Shopthisfeed:

Linking your own products

This is the most obvious way of using Shopthisfeed. You are able to link directly to your own website and, more importantly, right to the product you want to promote. This is much more helpful to a user than simply sending them to your homepage and expecting them to go searching for a specific item.

Linking to other websites

The method of making money from other people’s sites may be less obvious, but it’s much easier than you might think. The key word here is “affiliate”. Being an affiliate of a website means that you get paid for referring customers to that company. If you sign up to affiliate programs, like Amazon or LEGO, you get paid for every product that someone buys after visiting your page. It’s that simple. So, if you have a picture of some shoes, add in a link featuring your Amazon affiliate code and you get a portion of the sale when a customer from your feed buys those shoes.

For more information on different affiliate programs, and how to sign up, visit the Sources of Affiliate Programs page.

The other type of affiliate deal is when you are paid simply for referring someone to a website, without them having to make a purchase. This is often provided on a pay-per-action basis. For example, if you send a customer through to a site, you get paid for every one of those clicks or actions they make. This is a far less common method of affiliation, and is usually part of a deal between websites, rather than being based round social referrals. But don’t forget, you can embed your Shopthisfeed feed into your website as well.

More Ways to Make Money with Shopthisfeed

Take a look at the Money Making Tips page for even more information on earning cash through Shopthisfeed.

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