How Does Shopthisfeed work?

Shopthisfeed is an easy-to-use service that creates a copy of your Instagram feed and allows your customers to buy items featured in your posts, using a single link.

Instagram only allows one link per profile, which is a problem if you have multiple products or pages you want to link to. However, by creating a Shopthisfeed account, you can send customers to one handy location where they can browse and purchase anything you have to offer.

There are three simple steps to using Shopthisfeed:

  1. Register Your Account and Pick Your Plan

Registering is extremely easy. All you have to do is set up an account with Shopthisfeed and log into your Instagram account. We do not ask for or store your Instagram details, we just use the pictures! As a new member you will get a one-month free trial of the whole service. After that you can choose to continue for free on the basic package or upgrade to keep the elite features.

  1. Build Your Feed

Adding pictures to Shopthisfeed is straightforward. Our built-in tool allows you to import your entire feed directly from Instagram. You can also upload images from a different Instagram account (if you want one feed for multiple profiles), or even directly from your phone or PC. As a Pro or Elite member you can rearrange the images if you want to keep certain products at the top of your page.

  1. Add your links

Once you have uploaded your pictures, all you have to do is add links to them. These could either be direct to your website, or so someone else’s site, using your affiliate code.

You can even add multiple links to a single image, allowing users to shop for more than one item in the same picture. Want to give customers the choice between clicking on the shoes or the t-shirt? It’s simple with Shopthisfeed. Once your links are in, you are ready to go! All you have to do now is to add your personal Shopthisfeed link into your Instagram profile and let your customers flood in!

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