Designing your feed

Making your feed look appealing is the best way to make your customers engage with your products far more often. There are three basic tools for making your feed look better; your logo, the header background and the theme.


This acts in a similar way to your profile photo on Instagram, and it is best to use the same image so your customers know they’re looking at the same feed. Just click the ‘Upload Logo’ button, and you can add any picture. This feature does not automatically use your Instagram profile picture, so you will need to upload it here.

Page Logo

Header Background

This is the image across the top of your feed, just like your cover photo on Facebook. It acts as the background to your logo and can be any image you like. However, as customers will view your feed on different sized screens, it is best to pick a simple pattern that works effectively whichever device they use.

Header Background


Theme changes are not available to users on the free plan, but come with any of the paid plans. The theme allows you to pick one of five different colour schemes to give your feed a much more personal touch. They also encourage more engagement than the default white colour. You can choose from dark, red, blue and grey, or you can keep the default light theme.

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