Best Images for Selling

Creating attractive and engaging images is right at the heart of what Instagram is all about. However there is a crucial difference between what images generate likes, comments and followers, and those that generate sales. Understanding how to make an image that sells is crucial, but you must also make sure it doesn’t alienate your followers.

Creating a “Call to action” image is when the image is based purely on the idea of driving people to buy. This is a great way of getting people to click your links, as it tells them exactly what to do, and what you are selling. However, make sure that this is not the case for every single image. You will often find that the best-selling images are actually the ones which are not “call to action” images, but rather images showcasing the product in its environment.

You can check which images are getting the most views and clicks in the Analytics section. Once you know what your followers are engaging with then it is imperative that you start making more images like that. But just in the same way that not all images should contain a call to action, make sure that you don’t suddenly change your feed to contain only one style of picture.

After all, with Instagram it is clear that a wide range of content within your given specialisation is the best way to engage followers and keep them coming back, and buying. So, stay varied, but maintain a regular and periodic focus on those kinds of images which are getting high click volume. This will be completely unique to your profile and your followers, so understanding them is the key to creating high selling images.

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