Using the analytics section is key to fully understanding your audience. Once you know what your customers are viewing, and what they are clicking, you will be able to tailor your strategy accordingly. We offer three different kinds of analytics. There is the basic set which is available to all users. In the Pro and Elite plans you will have access to the more in-depth image performance and item performance metrics.

Basic Analytics

The basic analytics that are available on the Free and Lite plans offer a stripped back version of the more developed analytics in the bigger plans. You have access to the number of page visits, the number of image clicks, and the top performing images. All three of these metrics are available for either Weekly, Monthly or All Time.

Page visits - this is the amount of times someone has clicked the link on your Instagram feed, and has viewed your Shopthisfeed page.

Image clicks - this is the amount of times someone has clicked on an image. This could be to enlarge a multi-tagged image, or to follow the link on a single tag image.

Top performing images - this section allows you to see which of your images are the best performing over the time period you select.

Basic Analytics Screenshot

In Depth analytics

The in depth analytics offer a vastly expanded version of the same metrics as in the basic Analytics. So, you can still see the Image Performance, and the Page Performance. However, with the in depth options you can see these metrics daily as well as monthly and weekly.

The built in graph will then show you when your users were clicking your images and links. This helps to show you whether people are clicking your links most immediately after posting and image, or if it is consistent throughout the day/week/month.

Advances Analytics Screenshot

This a new metric only for the Pro and Elite plans. With its own separate page, this allows you to see what the best performing links are on your pictures. This is used mostly for multi-tagged images as it tells you which of the links in one picture were clicked the most.

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