Adding Links

Once you have uploaded all of your photos, you need to add the links to them. A photo won’t appear on your feed until it has a link or links attached to it.

Any photo with a link attached appears in your dashboard with a green outline, showing that it is visible to customers on your feed. You can check this on the ‘Preview Page’ section.

How to Set a Tag

There are two options when setting tags on any of your photos or videos. You can either add a single tag or multiple links.

Adding a Link

When you add a single link to an image, the user goes through to that page as soon as they tap the picture. To set this up, simply press ‘Set Tags’ on the picture you want to add the link to and enter the URL. This could be for a page of your website, an affiliate link to another company, or any other kind of URL - the choice is up to you.

Adding links image

The next step is to add some text. This text appears in white at the bottom of your picture and is especially useful if you are an Instagram promoter or you need a customer to use your code when they check out in order to get your royalty from the sale. Simply add the text you want, and you’re ready to go.

Tagging Multiple Products

If there are a range of different products in one picture and you would like to promote them separately, this is also possible. To do this, click ‘Set Tags’ then ‘Tag Multiple Products’. Here, you see a copy of your photo and some blank boxes next to it.

To set your first tag, click on a product in the picture.

Adding multiple links image

Once you have clicked the part of the image you would like to tag, you need to enter the URL for the product. This could be a page of your website, an affiliate link to another company, or any other kind of URL, the choice is up to you.

For multiple images, you also need to upload a thumbnail image of the product itself. This is so that customers can see a preview of what the tag is for. To do this, simply click ‘Choose File’ and select the image from your computer. Once this has uploaded, hit ‘Add Link’.

To add your next tag on the image, simply repeat the process. There is no limit to the amount of products you can tag in one image.

The customer is presented with a numbered guide, letting them know which products are in the picture.

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