Instagram have notified us that they are no longer going to support the API required for Shopthisfeed to work with their system. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about this and as such Shopthisfeed ceased to work completely with Instagram from Monday, June 29

If you had a paid account with Shopthisfeed please contact support to obtain a refund


Of Instagram users report that they have purchased items that they first saw on the the platform.


Of customers say they frequently purchase products they find on Instagram.


More likely that customers interact with a brand's Instagram account than Facebook.


Visitors click from your instagram bio link to your shoppable gallery.


They click the link on an image to go to your product page.


They add your product to the your shopping cart and check out!

How to use

Import Photos Import Photos
Link them to your product pages Link to Product Pages
Add the shoppable feed link to your Instagram bio Add a link

Why shopthisfeed?

Tag multiple products

Your pictures often contain multiple items. Let your followers shop exactly what they want.

Powerful analytics

Track which of your images perform best and measure your Instagram ROI.

Low maintenance

Initial setup takes 15 minutes. Tagging new pictures takes a few seconds.

Embed anywhere

Integrate your shoppable feed into your website to maintain a consistent brand identity.

User-generated content

Your fans often post the best content. Shopthisfeed gives you access to all of it through search by hashtag.

Feature requests

Missing something? Let us know and we'll happily build it for you.